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Welcome to the Professional Engineers of Oregon

Engineering Professionals Committed to a Code of Conduct, Ethics, Professionalism, a Standard of Technical Excellence and Public Safety.
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Engineering Headlines

Building Codes Division
Certification Changes
Purpose of the rule:
These rules make changes to the certification process that support the division's emphasis on Oregon focused training by making changes to the certification requirements for building officials, inspectors, and plans examiners.
Specifically these rules change Oregon certifications, create a transition path from International Code Council certifications to equivalent Oregon certifications, and clarify the conflict of interest requirements for certification holders.
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Upcoming Events

Tue Nov 01 @06:00 -
Columbia Chapter Meeting
Fri Nov 18 @11:30 -
Rogue Valley Chapter Meeting

Member Spot Light

 Wendy Coffin, PE
Project Leader for Woodard & Curran

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