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Public Infrastructure Committee
The Governor and the Legislature have appointed a committee to examine financing of public infrastructure in Oregon. This Public Infrastructure Committee (PIC) has been meeting and Christian Steinbrecher, P.E. has been attending representing the Professional Engineers of Oregon. The materials and information developed are listed below. The committee is now in the process of developing its final report. If you have any suggestions for content, please review the materials and draft report, and pass any suggestions along to Christian Steinbrecher 503-297-4827 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Click here for reports and committee meeting minutes.
These files are stored in dropbox. 

What's coming up in regards to changes and updates to the Oregon Building Codes over the next couple years?
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What's coming up in regards to changes and updates to the Oregon Building Codes over the next couple years.

Federal Issues & Advocacy
NSPE helps members stay up-to-date on the latest issues vital to the profession currently pending before Congress, as well as information on NSPE's ongoing efforts and agenda within the federal arena.

Take Action
Resources for helping professionals engineers communicate with legislators and government officials.
State - Many legislative issues important to engineers are addressed at the state level. That's why NSPE offers members a compendium of trends and legislation under debate across the nation.

PE Licensing - What are the latest issues in licensing that PEs should know about?
Craig Musselman, P.E., F.NSPE, shares his perspective. Craig's postings reflect his personal opinions and are intended to promote a professional discussion. These postings do not necessarily reflect the official positions of NSPE or PEO.

Professional Reviewers and Expert Witnesses
The Board Is Soliciting Professional Reviewers And Expert Witnesses To Assist With Law Enforcement Cases.